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AREC Annual Award 2024 for Prof Spanagel

The American Research Society on Alcoholism is awarding this year's AREC Prize to Prof Rainer Spanagel for his outstanding contributions to ethical standards in preclinical and animal research.

In the announcement by the Commettee it is said that Dr. Spanagel has been a trailblazer in preclinical addiction research, conducting over 10 meta-analyses to advance the field. Furthermore, his leadership in reducing animal use in research is exemplary; from creating an organ bank for genetically engineered mice to implementing in silico methods that minimize the need for animal testing. Most recently, Dr. Spanagel has launched the STRINGENCY framework, promoting best practice guidelines to enhance the reliability and impact of preclinical alcohol research. We celebrate Dr. Spanagel's remarkable achievements and anticipate the broader adoption of these higher ethical standards in animal research.

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