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Experts warn against the release of marijuana: concerns about the protection of minors

In a recent podcast, Prof Dr Maximilian Pilhatsch, Head Physician at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Elblandkliniken in Radebeul and Head of the Outpatient Addiction Clinic at the University Hospital in Dresden, expresses grave concerns about the approval of cannabis. In particular, he sees the increase in availability and broadening of acceptance as trivialising cannabis and thus also indirectly endangering the protection of children and young people. Here is the link to the podcast, published by O-Ton Allgemeinmedizin, which serves to publicise the topic in networks: Link to the podcast.

Various social media channels such as  LinkedIn, X, Facebook und Instagram have already been used to publicise the podcast episode.

Various other sources of information are recommended for more in-depth information on the topic, including a podcast from the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and the Cannabis Act (CanG).

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