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Publication from ReCoDe Consortium providing background on the project

We are happy to announce the publication on the TRR265 project by the entire ReCoDe Addiction Research Consortium in Addiction Biology. In this article, we summarize the goals of the consortium and explore the trajectories of losing and regaining control over drug consumption, offering valuable insights into the behavioral, cognitive, molecular, and neurobiological mechanisms underlying addiction.

Through a holistic approach that combines innovative mobile health tools and cutting-edge research methodologies, we identified triggers and modifying factors that influence individuals' journeys from voluntary drug use to compulsive behavior. By integrating multi-omics data from biomaterials of our ReCoDe cohort, our researchers generated pathway- and gene-derived polygenic scores, providing a deeper understanding of the genetic and environmental factors contributing to addiction.

Our consortium highlights the importance of an integrative multi-omics approach in addiction research, emphasizing the need to explore the intricate interplay between genetic makeup, environmental influences, and drug exposure. Our findings pave the way for the development of mechanism-based interventions tailored to individuals struggling with substance use disorders.

This publication marks a significant milestone in the ReCoDe Consortium's mission to advance addiction research and develop innovative strategies for regaining control over drug intake. Stay informed about the latest developments from the ReCoDe Consortium as we continue to make strides in unraveling the complexities of addiction biology.

Linke to the original article in Addiction Biology:

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