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Radebeul addiction physician: Excessive cannabis consumption lowersIQ

In an interview, Professor Maximilian Pilhatsch summarises addiction medicine concerns and findings regarding cannabis legalisation. Pilhatsch warns of the effects of excessive cannabis use on IQ, as studies show that IQ can drop significantly due to prolonged use at a young age. He also emphasises that cannabis interferes with brain metabolism and can cause negative consequences such as drug-induced psychosis, depression and anxiety disorders. The legalisation of cannabis is viewed critically by Pilhatsch, as it changes society's overall attitude towards the drug and increases its acceptance and availability, which can lead to it being trivialised. He explains why he sees the legislator as being close to co-dependency. Pilhatsch warns of an increase in cannabis users and emphasises the dangers, especially for young people, whose brain maturation processes can be impaired by cannabis.

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