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ZI Forscher im Interview bei ZDF WISO: Problematischer Alkoholkonsum bei Frauen

On 27 May 2024, the ZDF programme WISO broadcast an interview with Prof. Anne Koopmann and Prof. Bernd Lenz, both from the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, on the topic of problematic alcohol consumption among women. The interview sheds light on the particular challenges and health risks to which women are exposed when consuming alcohol.

Anne Koopmann and Bernd Lenz report on how social and individual factors can contribute to problematic alcohol consumption and what measures are needed to help affected women. The article provides valuable insights from former sufferers and offers practical advice on prevention and support.

The full interview is available online and can be viewed on the ZDF website between minutes 23:30 and 32:20 of the programme. The direct link to the programme is here: WISO from 27. May 2024.

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